Our Expertise

AGS represents a broad spectrum of corporations, non-profit associations, public entities, and individual organizations in Washington, DC.   We have specific policy expertise across multiple fields –including energy, health care, tax, trade, education, pension and retirement, manufacturing, transportation, defense, telecommunications, budget and appropriations, and judiciary and intellectual property.

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What motivates us?

AGS was founded in 2014 on one overarching premise – helping our clients interface with Washington successfully works best when we can “find alignment.”

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Who We Are

Alignment Government Strategies is a bipartisan, full-service government relations firm, formed in 2014 by six experienced government relations professionals. AGS principals have held senior positions on the staffs of the House and Senate, Republican and Democratic White Houses, and have run the Washington offices of Fortune 500 companies. All have campaign and fundraising experience and are active participants in the political process. Each AGS principal has a substantial record of successful Washington representation.

We believe in work plans that align the specific goals of our clients with the sometimes hard realities of the policy process, and that provide the basis for accountability between firm and client.

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